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Terms of Use

A CORUÑA CITY COUNCIL aims to encourage the facilitation of information on contents provided by this administration. As such you will be able find contents on the tourism web portal that are intended for public domain. Next we will indicate the types of content you will find in this sectoral web portal and the license agreement they are subjected to:
The texts (unless otherwise stated) in this Tourism Web Portal from A Coruña Town Hall are licensed under licence Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial-Share 2.5 Generic Spain License.

You are free to:

  1. Copy, distribute and publicly convey work
  2. carry out work under the following conditions:

When re-using or distributing the work, you must make the terms of use very clear.

Some of these conditions may be overlooked if you obtain permission from the copyright owner. Nothing in this license damages or restricts the moral rights of the author.

Other types of contents
Images, videos or other contents that are not text are subject to copyright or application for license from A Coruña Town Hall, except where otherwise stated. Permissions that go beyond the reach of this license are available on this page where you can request information. The rights derived from legitimate use or other restrictions that are legally recognised will not be affected by this.