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The Tower of Hercules will be lit up in green on Saint Patrick´s Day to remember the legend according to which Ireland was discovered from its top

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  • World Heritage listed oldest roman lighthouse in use is placed in A Coruña, a perfect Easter holiday destination in the Spanish country of Galicia

The Tower of Hercules will be lit up in green on Saint Patrick´s Day to remember the legend according to which Ireland was discovered from its top

A Coruña, March 14th, 2016.- Many legends from the Middle Ages to the 19th century surround the Tower of Hercules, which is unique as it is the only lighthouse of Greco-Roman antiquity to have retained a measure of structural integrity and functional continuity. One of them comes from the Leabhar Ghabhála Érenn, the “Book of Invasions”, a compilation of oral stories from eleventh century Ireland. Breogan, mythical Celtic king of Galicia and founder of Brigantium (a kingdom supposedly based on A Coruña), built the town a tower —the Tower of Breogan. The tower was so high that from the top, one of his sons, Ith, could see the top of a green shore: Ireland. That link between World Heritage listed Spanish lighthouse and Ireland is the reason why the monument wil be lit up in green on Saint Patrick´s Day (March 17), and why A Coruña is taking part in Tourism Ireland´s Global Greening campaign.

According to the legend, the Tower of Breogan is based off the Tower of Hercules. The sons of the Celtic king decided to go on an adventure in order to see what was on such a green land. Breogan lighted a bonfire at the top of the tower, so his sons could find their way back home, but unfortunately Ith was murdered in Ireland. Ith´s nephew Mil Espaine (Irish form of the Latin Miles Hispaniae, which means "Soldier of Hispania”) decided to leave Brigantium to conquer Ireland. His descendants are supossed to be the ancestors of the Gaels, the Irish of today.

Free guided tours all year long starting on Easter

Visitors are welcome to book free guided tours to discorver the Tower of Hercules and its surrounding. Mil Espáine, Breogan´s grandson and father of the Celts, will show you the mythological Atlantic world and interpret the sacred land of Tower of Hercules´ Sculpture Park: an authentic outdoor art museum packed with history, myths and legends. Visitors are welcome to book at A Coruña´s Tourist  Information Offices. ‘Tower of Hercules World Heritage Site´ tour starts at 12 p.m. every Saturday from 26th March to 17th December. It is available in three languages: Galician, Spanish and English.

A Coruña is leisure and joy. The cultural, gastronomic and touristic offerings of A Coruña are wide and diverse. It is a peninsula almost surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, with the largest Promenade in Europe (12 kilometers long). A Coruña is a perfect Easter holiday destination. It offers direct flights to London Heathrow Airport.

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